Bolt - Returns with lightning in Paris


    Lightening Bolt Strikes in Paris - World lead 19.73

Newburgh, NY; In Paris this evening, the hungry crowd were fed to a world lead run by superstar track icon Usain Bolt.

The capacity crowd appetite was fed with some fantastic performances this evening. However, after appetizers in the 400M, the 110M high hurdles for lunch - the Dessert was worth the 3 course meal.


Usain Bolt walked into the stadium from the waiting room to a warm round of applause from the French  sporitng crowd. Each step in the arena met a flash bulb and loud cheers.

As Bolt warmed up his country men of Young, Ashmeade, and Weir all looked ready to deliver a strong message.

During the introductions which started in reverse order from lane 8 - Young, lane 7 Weir, --Lane 6 Usain Bolt. Bolt smiled and played with the camera crew, then he turned his attention to the crowd and gave his lighting Bolt salute to the endearing audience that erupted in wild cheers.

The starter took over: Mark, set -BAM. Bolt and Weir were neck to neck at the turn. Ashmeade gave chase. The other athletes were fighting to keep pace. But as the straightaway came into the picture - it was Bolt moving away from the field of eight.

At the end of the half lap- it was Bolt in a World Lead time of 19.73, followed by Weir, then Lemaitre, Young, and Ashmeade rounding out the top 5. Bolt slowed his pace at the 160 m mark since the spear and dagger are drawn for the world championships in August.

Bolt sent a message to his competition -I am ready. The night ended with the commentators and the crowd going wild.

RESULTS of the 200m

Rank Athlete Nation Result  
1 BOLT Usain JAM 19.73 WL,MR
2 WEIR Warren JAM 19.92  
3 LEMAITRE Christophe FRA 20.07 SB
4 YOUNG Jason JAM 20.12 SB
5 ASHMEADE Nickel JAM 20.21  
6 VICAUT Jimmy FRA 20.3 PB
7 MITCHELL Maurice USA 20.61  
8 ZEZE Mickael-Meba FRA 21.29